Recycling Campaign for Schools

To Design In Awareness of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Conservation I decided to aim my campaign towards schools.

I want to create a campaign that involves the parents in the children’s learning. At the primary school in my town the primary 1, 2 and 3 students learn about the process of recycling paper. To make this a little more fun I created a short minute long animation, with a child like style and a 4 year olds voice explaining the process.

To go along with this is a package that the children take home. Within this package is the animation on DVD, a reward chart and some stickers.

The aim of the package is for the children to receive a sticker every time they recycle cans, paper or plastic. Throughout time the process will come second nature long after the chart is gone.

To make the child want to receive stickers there will be a reward in the classroom. Every classroom will have a large tree on the notice board, with no leaves. When the child reaches 10 stickers they bring their card back into the class and get to colour in their own leaf and put their name on it. This will be put up on the notice board and through time the tree will be filled with leaves of different colours. This will be a strong visual reminder of the trees the children have saved by their recycling.

The packaging is only 125 mm wide so will easily fit into the children’s schoolbags and won’t take up too much space in the household.


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