Illustration meets Photography

For my first project in university the working title was Spirit of Place. For me the spirit of place is established by the people in that place and for this reason I chose the University. As the university is filled with creativity and imagination I wanted to portray this through the combination of illustration and photography.

When I was at secondary school I was told that art would not get me anywhere so I should just give up but I was so passionate about it that this was not an option. Through this project I want to design a small booklet aimed towards school children so they will know what Visual Communication is along with a personal view of what to expect.

Here is one of my first attempt of showing the thoughts and ideas that we never stop having as Vis Com students.
My first experimental piece worked as a visual but I wanted to have the thoughts illustrated rather than the people because the ideas are not yet reality.

Moving on, I created a vector drawing of the thoughts and placed it around a photograph of the person. The plain background makes the illustrations stand out more and the illustration as a line drawing portrays the difference of imagination and reality.

Within my booklet I will have a section for  what is Vis Com?, Research, Branding, Typography, Layout, Illustration, Animation, Photography, Advertising and Entry Conditions. Each section has a double page spread containing a full page image, a quote related to the subject and a small personal paragraph written by me.


Here are two of the images used throughout my booklet. They represent research and illustration. I chose to change the background to black as the colours are brighter and most attractive on this background. Another change I made was changing the photographs into black and white so the thoughts are bright and colourful, just like they are in our imagination.


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